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"Flow & Grow" Day Retreat in NIO House Frankfurt

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

In June 2023, a group of 14 unique souls gathered together to embark on a transformative day retreat, embracing the theme of "Flow & Grow". Set against a stunning indoor location with a captivating LED wall that projected each person into the element of water, this empowering retreat invited participants to activate their inner goddess and dive deep into self-discovery. The day was dedicated to nurturing the mind, body and soul through a series of enriching physical activities and mental practices.

The retreat was designed to let the participants leave feeling reconnect with their feminine essence, feel fulfilled and in harmony with themselves, and glowing from the inside & out. Participants were encouraged to embrace their femininity and connect with their inner goddess, recognizing the strength and grace that resides within. Through a journey of self-exploration and nurturing, the day retreat aimed to activate the divine feminine energy, empowering women to embrace their authentic selves.

Water, the element of fluidity, sexuality and creativity, served as the core of this day retreat. Participants dove into the energy of water, learning to flow with grace and adaptability. Just as water finds its way through obstacles, attendees were encouraged to navigate challenges with resilience, embracing change and growth along the way.

The day was filled with a diverse range of activities and practices, all geared towards enhancing well-being and deepening self-awareness. Coaching sessions focused on female cycle awareness and cyclic living, teaching participants how to adapt their physical exercise routines and support their bodies with nutrition tailored to each phase of their cycle. Concepts such as seed cycling and adaptogens were explored, empowering women to harmonize their hormones and optimize their overall health. A hormone balancing yoga flow followed, combining both dynamic and gentle postures, allowed participants to connect with their bodies on a deeper level. Deep dives into yin and yang energies helped individuals find balance and embrace the interplay of these complementary forces. Chakra work, breathwork (pranayama), and guided meditations further facilitated a profound connection with one's inner self, fostering emotional release and spiritual growth.

Within the trusted circle of the retreat, participants were encouraged to express their emotions freely and authentically. The space provided a safe haven where all feelings were accepted and honored, allowing individuals to release emotional burdens and cultivate a sense of liberation. By acknowledging and embracing their emotions, attendees experienced a deep sense of connection with themselves and others, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment.

Many thanks go out to our

Location partner: NIO House Frankfurt

Sponsor: Lululemon Germany

Caterer: Picknick Cafe

Photographer: Adem Özdemir

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